Piazza Navona

Sitting at the tables in the interior of the historic Palazzo Braschi, you can almost touch the beautiful fountain of the Quattro Fiumi of Bernini, one of the symbols of the Eternal City! The ViVi Bistrot is changing its habit, keeping its identity in order to make its entry into a lively and animated haven of culture in the historic center: an ideal interlude between an exhibition and a little shopping in the streets of the city! Gorgeous breakfasts,the weekend brunches and the well-known Afternoon Tea Time leave space in the evening to romantic dinners, superlatives cocktails and chatting in with a good glass of wine and a cheeses plateau.

Everything in our Or tradition!

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Start your day in a corner of history


A healthy lunch break in a simple and elegant setting

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Discover the magic spell of a dinner with the view over Piazza Navona!


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